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What is it?


Neospora caninum is a parasite that causes Neosporosis.  It is known to cause abortion in cattle, sheep and dogs/foxes. Transmission horizontally by dog or fox faeces is possible but the most important route is vertically from dam to calf during pregnancy.  

  • Abortion, between 3 and 9 months of pregnancy
  • Still birth or premature calf
  • It is not associated with poor health in the dam
  • Young beef animals may have a slower growth rate
  • Repeat abortions possible in the same cow
Prevention and control of transmission of Neospora can involve:
  • Isolating aborting dams
  • Safely disposing of aborted foetuses
  • Disposal of contaminated bedding
  • Culling infected animals
  • Limit exposure to faeces from dogs/foxes
What testing options are available?

Through our labs, we can offer the following testing options:
  • Bulk milk antibody ELISA (for dairy herds)
  • Individual cow milk antibody ELISA
The highest level of antibody production occurs during the late stages of pregnancy. Therefore, the ideal time to test for Neospora is just before dry off.  As a result of this, bulk milk Neospora tests are not recommended due to the false confidence that can be placed on ‘low’ results as many cows, even though infected, may not be producing antibodies at the time of testing. The ideal testing scenario is therefore on an individual cow basis just before dry off.

For detailed information on our Neospora Testing Services, please visit the NML website or contact Customer Services.

NML Neospora Testing Services