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Johne's Videos

Below are a series of videos to provide further understanding on Johne's and how to manage it:

Johne's Control at Chance Hall Farm 

NMR took a day out to look at how the 2016 HerdWise Best Practice Competition winners, Tom & Karen Halton, manage Johne's disease on farm. The 500 cow cross bred herd from Congleton, Cheshire, has been successfully tackling Johne's disease along with their farm vets, Lambert, Leonard & May, for the past 4 years. They have stumbled across a number of hurdles along the way but have achieved great things just by keeping it simple.

Interpreting Results/Risk Assessment

Testing for Johne's disease alone is not enough, you really do need to look at the results on a regular basis and interpret them with your vet to get the maximum benefit. The HerdWise risk assessment tool is free of charge to all HerdWise users, it predicts the prevalence of spread risk on farm and outlines the main causes. This is extremely useful when used alongside your testing results and vet to make informed management decisions for your herd.

Youngstock Management 

The importance of clean colostrum and breeding to terminal sires is a great way to start tackling the disease. Here Karen Halton explains how they maintain strict protocols to establish the best start in life for every calf, this not only minimises the spread of Johne's disease but also improves calf health all round.

Top Tips on Johne's Control 

Want to find out their secret to success? Here are Karen, Tom and vet Mark’s top tips for tackling Johne's disease. Maybe you could be next year’s best practice winner!!

FUW Johne's Disease Video


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Johne's Webinar: 5. Predictive Capabilities Of Testing

Johne's Webinar: 6. Interpreting Results And Making Culling Decisions

Johne's Webinar: 7. Analysing HerdWise Reports Using A Case Study 

Johne's Webinar: 8. Johne's Testing And TB