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Johne's Videos

Below are a series of videos to provide further understanding on Johne's and how to manage it:

FUW Johne's Disease Video

Johne's Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds: What This Means To Farmers 

Johne's Disease in Canadian Dairy Herds: Veterinarians Motivating Change

Johne's Webinar: 1. Pathogenesis

Johne's Webinar: 2. Testing: What Tests Are Available


Johne's Webinar: 3. Serum V Milk

Johne's Webinar: 4. Antibody Levels And Shedding Of Bacteria

Johne's Webinar: 5. Predictive Capabilities Of Testing

Johne's Webinar: 6. Interpreting Results And Making Culling Decisions

Johne's Webinar: 7. Analysing HerdWise Reports Using A Case Study 

Johne's Webinar: 8. Johne's Testing And TB