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Johne's offers 2019 Terms and conditions


  • Sign up to a 12 month contract for HerdWise and get your first months subscription free.
  • Customers must be milk recording or signing up to milk recording to be eligible for a HerdWise subscription.
  • HerdWise is a subscription service and is invoiced based on number of cows in herd not tests completed.
  • A HerdWise enrolment form must be submitted and processed by 31.10.19 to be eligible for this offer.
  • The first HerdWise test must be completed by 30.11.19.
  • Customers wishing to use this offer must not have resigned from HerdWise after 1.7.18.
  • 50% off a BVD youngstock screen.
  • A youngstock screen consists of up to 10 blood samples tested for antibodies to BVD.
  • Samples must be submitted to the NMR Glasgow lab (Hillington) in one batch.
  • Samples must be tested by 31.10.19.
  • Customer must be signed up to HerdWise before 1.6.19.
  • 25% off one whole herd Johne's screen.
  • Samples must be submitted in one batch.
  • Samples must be tested by 31.10.19.
  • Only one batch is eligible for this discounted pricing.
  • Customer must be new to Johne's testing with NMR defined as: Customer must not have submitted individual cow milk samples for Johne's testing to NMR after 1.7.18 (excluding 30 cow screens)
  • A customer/farm is defined as having a NMR herd number
  • Each customer can only take advantage on one offer, offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.
  • NMR maintains the right to withdraw all offers at any time without notice.
  • Discounts may be applied at the time of invoicing or as a credit to the account.
  • Offers end 31.10.19.