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4 heifers low downDetermining your BVD status will help assess the need for biosecurity measures, vaccination and further monitoring options that are most suited and therefore most effective for your herd.

BVD is a viral disease that causes substantial losses on dairy and beef units due to reduced fertility. There are several effective licensed vaccines available in the UK which can be used for herd protection. However, it is important to remember that vaccines rarely offer the herd 100% protection so surveillance programs should be discussed with your farm vet to ensure that farm status is not compromised.

BVD HerdCheck
Regardless of your herd’s structure, we have a CHeCS approved surveillance option to suit your farm. Choose from specialist dairy, dairy/beef and flying herd. 

The scheme involves a unique combination of tests to verify not just antibody levels but also whether live virus is present in the herd. Results are available to vets and farmers through Herd Companion.

Why should you do it?

The signs of BVD may go unnoticed on your farm if you have animals infected with the virus. Equally, if you don’t have BVD present then your herd will be at risk from infection and needs to be protected. This service offers a dynamic picture of the BVD status of your herd by assessing both the levels of the virus and the immune response to it.

What are the benefits?

Determining which scenario your herd falls under for BVD status will help assess the need for biosecurity measures, vaccination and further monitoring that are most suited and therefore most effective for your herd.

What’s involved?

Each scheme is tailored specifically to meet the differing herd types therefore the testing varies between each option. To find out exactly what’s required, click on the links below: For detailed information on our BVD Testing Services, please visit the NML website or contact Customer Services.

NML BVD Testing Services
BVDFree England

BVDFree England is an industry-led scheme designed to eliminate BVD virus from all cattle herds in the country by 2022. It will develop a national database, storing individual and herd test results for scheme members. BVDFree is based on achieving the elimination of BVD through identification and removal of animals persistently infected (PIs) with BVD.

The BVDFree Scheme will be run on a voluntary basis until most of the cattle industry is covered by the Scheme, when a solid case can be presented to the Government for collaboration on the introduction of compulsory measures.

BVDFree England will work in cooperation with the cattle industries in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland to eradicate BVD from the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

Information on the BVDFree England Scheme can be found at

BVDFree England

BVD Scotland
The Scottish Government has committed to supporting an ambitious industry-led scheme to eradicate BVD from Scotland.  We have a number of testing options that can help you meet the requirements of the scheme.  Information on the Scottish BVD Eradication Scheme can be found at

Scottish BVD Eradication Scheme
Tag & Test
Tag & Test is a service available for BVD testing in cattle from Nordic Star and NML. 

An ear tag is inserted into the ear of animals of ANY age (even from birth).  On insertion, the tag cuts a disc of tissue and seals it into a small tube which disconnects after the event.  The tube is then posted to our lab for testing and results are reported in Herd Companion.

Tag & Test for BVD Testing in cattle is available from Nordic Star

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