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Looking for the right bull for your cow? You may know the strengths and weaknesses of your cows and have a clear idea of what improvements are required, but do you really know all the genetic weaknesses that your calf may inherit? And what is the overall picture of the herd, and how could it change by selecting different bulls? The variety of features and breeding values make SireConnect a valuable tool for all dairy herds.
Constructed and used throughout Germany, NMR have taken this tried and tested mating programme and tailored it specifically for the UK market. The program always accesses the latest data for all cows and bulls throughout the UK and uses the animals breeding values to make clear and comprehensive decisions, and even allows the farmer to set bespoke indexes tailored to their herds.

The programme ulilises the milk recorded data and through the predicted transmitting ability (PTA) selects the most optimum bull for each individual heifer and cow. The bull pool can be designed specifically for the farm and every bull in the UK is availabke via AHDB Dairy. The final report can be printed, emailed and in time, linked to on-farm software. Every report can be set up for each farms personal preference.
Please call NMR's customer services, or your local customer account manager for more details.