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inGENEious is a tool incorperated in HerdCompanion that allows you to see how you are performing against the national average for a range of breeding traits, monitor how your breeding traits are changing over time, and allows you to separate your herd into 3 breeding groups to aid management decisions. 
What are the key benefits of the inGENEious reporting tool for dairy farmers?
This tool allows you to:
  • Track changes in breeding decisions
  • Group animals so you can manage them differently, e.g. all green cows/heifers are put to sexed semen
  • Look for weak spots in breeding
  • Track progress in genetics
  • See escalated progress with the use of genomics
Consultant and third party access
As inGENEious is part of Herd Companion consultants and advisors can access this tool via their own login. In Herd Companion, primary farm users will be able to personally assign and remove data access to other users, so Third Party Data Permission forms will no longer need to be completed and returned to NMR.