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Thanks to NMR’s GeneEze genomics service, producing healthier, more profitable animals is easier than you think.

• Simple and easy genomics testing
• Fast-track herd improvement using highly reliable genomics data
• Reliable breeding stock selection regardless of age
• Quick results for production, health, fertility, conformation and all AHDB indexes

The key to breeding your best possible herd

It’s all so Eze. Just use the inGENEious selection tools to rank and select your breeding stock – knowing it’s all based on consistent and highly reliable data.

Easy to interpret and totally independent, GeneEze lets you benchmark your herd and develop your optimal breeding group.

We Make Everything Eze

GeneEze can be used to test animals from the 5 UK evaluation breeds; Holstein, British Friesian, Guernsey, Jersey and Ayrshire.

Eze ordering – simply contact NMR and order by line number or ear tag ID

Eze sampling – through an NMR genotype tag or a Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU)

Eze admin – no handwriting in the heifer pen – simply attach a barcode to the sample sheet

Eze invoicing – we only charge after a successful test has been completed*

Eze cashflow – our volume arrangement lets you secure the best possible deal and send in consignments as and when you choose

Eze reporting – through our tried and tested Herd Comparison platform

Helping You Hit Your Targets

With GeneEze, all results are reported through Herd Companion, inGENEious selection tools and your Herd Genetic Report. So everything is at your fingertips to help you:

Target health – healthier animals last longer, give more and are easier to look after. So you can improve your life and your bank balance.

Target production – more litres equals lower fixed costs and higher income.

Target longevity – lower replacement rate equals lower replacement costs per litre and less heifers to rear.

Target £PLI, £ACI and £SCI – UK indexes incorporating health, production and longevity, help simplify your herd selection process.

Target your best breeders – use sexed semen on your most suitable breeding stock. Not all maidens will make the cut.

Target efficiency – it costs the same to rear a heifer regardless of outcomes, so make your decision count.

Ready To Order And Test?

1. Call 03330 043 043 and speak to a GeneEze specialist who will talk you through the process and send you your sampling kit. Or email us
2. Take a sample from each animal and put it into individually labelled bags as you go along.
3. Keep your samples cool.
4. Post samples back to NMR immediately in the pre-paid envelope.
5. Results will be ready to view online within 6-8 weeks.

FREE Applicator With Your First Order Of 30 Samples Or More.