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About GeneEze

GeneEze is available through hair or tissue sampling. Our experience shows that a tissue sampling unit (TSU) delivers the best results for on farm accuracy and successful lab sample completion. The TSU allows you to take a tiny ear notch from any animal of any age. This can be taken using a standalone TSU or as part of the official tag pair. 

The TSU is posted back to the NMR Harrogate office where it is processed and shipped to the laboratory for genotype processing.

The genotype is generated as a result of DNA extraction and processing.  It is then submitted to AHDB Dairy and Egenes for the creation of the following individual genomic evaluation data:

  • Health

  • Production 

  • Fertility

  • PLI

  • Type


Following our partnership with Zoetis we can now offer genomic testing for herds recording with with one of the following three ICAR accredited Milk Recording Organisations: NMR, CIS or UDF. As well as non-recorded animals. The result reliability will be lower due to the lack of recording data. Where available we use a cdl file so that we can extract details needed to generate information required for submission. This improves the accuracy of the test by ensuring accurate animal and parentage IDs.

These results are made available through the following on farm management tools; inGENEious, Herd Companion or SearchPoint. These tools enable the customer to make more accurate and informed breeding decisions at a herd level or on individual animals.

The results also include several genetic recessives free of charge.