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COVID-19 and NMR Milk Recording Services 01/05/20

With the COVID-19 situation continuing to evolve, NMR is acutely aware of the concerns and challenges regarding the spread of the virus. We are monitoring all relevant COVID-19 communications from government bodies on a daily basis and following all of the latest advice to reduce the risk of spread.   
NMR is maintaining its recording, payment testing and disease testing services such that it continues to provide NMR and NML customers with the safest and best possible service in order to provide valued herd management information and milk quality services. These essential services are needed to ensure herd health and welfare standards are maintained, as well as monitoring of milk quality and hygiene.  
It is NMR’s policy under current conditions that our preferred recording service is DIY, avoiding the need for a milk recorder to be directly involved in the sampling process where social distancing cannot be guaranteed. In these cases, it is important to discuss options with your NMR Area Field Manager (AFM) as to how a DIY sampling and data collection service will work for you and your milk recorder. These might include sample box deliveries and collections, and assistance with data recording which are tasks that can be undertaken in a controlled manner to minimise the risk of virus spread. Using the factoring service with one sampling rather than two for twice a day milking is another option and using the milk pregnancy testing service could also be a valuable tool at this time. 
Normal milk recording may continue provided the farm and the local milk recorder service provider have given mutual consent. Importantly both parties must be able to show how they can comply with government working guidelines. 
We would encourage any of our customers who have concerns regarding their current NMR service to please contact their Area Field Manager to discuss alternative recording arrangements.   Alongside the provision of milk recording services, our full range of additional services (e.g. disease and microbiology testing services) remain available.  We also continue to maintain our payment testing service as normal. 
NMR will continue to monitor the regular government briefings on COVID-19 and adjust our policies accordingly.   Our priority is to ensure all our customers, staff and our service providers are protected as much as possible. 
We will provide updates through the website as well as through direct communications with our customers if changes are necessary. 
If you have specific queries regarding NMR Group services please contact our Customer Services desk on 03330 043 043 or e-mail